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Episode 61

This week in news:  Common BDSM Myths https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/love-sex/common-bdsm-myths-it-s-not-a-new-fad-it-s-not-violent-and-not-everyone-who-partakes-is-psychologically-maladjusted-a6702396.html   Interview with our new host: Alpine Lynx Editors note: Sorry about the table banging. I will make sure to put them on a better table for next time. Did what I could

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Episode 60

This week in news: You can walk your dog on a leash after curfew, but not your partner Interview with: Countess Ylva (Fetlife Profile) Countess Ylva has spent the last five years in the scene, most of it as a submissive. More recently she has come to see herself as a top and has been […]

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Episode 59

This week: Pornhub removing unverified content Pornhub Just Absolutely Slaughtered Itself, Removed Most Content Interview with documentary filmmaker Richard Schertzer https://www.imdb.com/name/nm8296449/ He is working on a BDSM documentary User Questions: 1 Kyle from Connecticut – As I am sure everyone is having the same issues now, I figured I’d ask. Right now, pick up play […]

Show Status

Rest assured we are not gone. COVID caused issues with getting together to record. However, we will be back soon. We have an exciting show planned with a dungeon owner that is open during COVID. Also…. we have a third host. I am very excited to announce this fact. However, she hasn’t chosen her radio […]

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Episode 58

This week, Ritz Cracker inteviews Rope Squirrel Article: Cute BDSM gear is making everyone kinkier Link: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/zmjmd9/cute-bdsm-gear-is-making-everyone-kinkier Questions: How long have you been kinky?Where did you start?What are your biggest kinks? What are your favorite toys?What gear do you always have on you?Does cute gear make you play differently?How to get out of a bad headspace […]


Episode 57

Editors note: I want to appologize for our silence over the last few weeks. We moved unexpectively and couldn’t get the time to edit the show. We will be releasing one more episode in 2019. This week we talk to Algernon, a kinkster who is on the autism spectrum, but he is so much more […]

Episode 56

Article: BDSM as a Tonic for Serious Illness Link: https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/bdsm-as-a-tonic-for-serious-illness/ Questions: Stella from California – I like to think of myself as a “woke” person, but I am having difficulty with the whole transgender thing. I never know what I should be calling people pronoun-wise and am always worried that I will offend someone by […]