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Episode 61

This week in news:  Common BDSM Myths https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/love-sex/common-bdsm-myths-it-s-not-a-new-fad-it-s-not-violent-and-not-everyone-who-partakes-is-psychologically-maladjusted-a6702396.html   Interview with our new host: Alpine Lynx Editors note: Sorry about the table banging. I will make sure to put them on a better table for next time. Did what I could

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Episode 60

This week in news: You can walk your dog on a leash after curfew, but not your partner Interview with: Countess Ylva (Fetlife Profile) Countess Ylva has spent the last five years in the scene, most of it as a submissive. More recently she has come to see herself as a top and has been […]

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Episode 59

This week: Pornhub removing unverified content Pornhub Just Absolutely Slaughtered Itself, Removed Most Content Interview with documentary filmmaker Richard Schertzer https://www.imdb.com/name/nm8296449/ He is working on a BDSM documentary User Questions: 1 Kyle from Connecticut – As I am sure everyone is having the same issues now, I figured I’d ask. Right now, pick up play […]

Show Status

Rest assured we are not gone. COVID caused issues with getting together to record. However, we will be back soon. We have an exciting show planned with a dungeon owner that is open during COVID. Also…. we have a third host. I am very excited to announce this fact. However, she hasn’t chosen her radio […]