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Viewer Questions

  • Sarah in Pennsylvania

    I am looking to start getting into chastity play. My partner and I are both switches so we are looking to get two different belts. What is a good amount of time to try being locked up? My partner is male. Is there a maximum time? Any tips for beginners?

  • James in Arkansas

    I am looking to get into chastity for the first time. I am male and am looking at my two options. I see cages and I see belts. Belts are expensive (except for the cheap Chinese ones) and cages are cheap. Should I start with a belt or start with a cage. I realize the cost difference, but is there a difference in experience?

  • Soriah in California

    Whenever I am in my belt, I start to get depressed. Oddly, when it comes off, I get happy again. I am not sure what I can do to address this. Are there any activities or games that I can do to perhaps alleviate my mood and improve my experience?