Editors note: I want to appologize for our silence over the last few weeks. We moved unexpectively and couldn’t get the time to edit the show. We will be releasing one more episode in 2019.

This week we talk to Algernon, a kinkster who is on the autism spectrum, but he is so much more than that!

Article: I tried rope bondage as a coping mechanism for my anxiety

Link: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/9kx9y5/i-tried-rope-bondage-as-a-coping-mechanism-for-my-anxiety

John from Louisiana – Fitting in has always been an issue for me. In school, I was always the outcast. Now that I’ve joined what is, in essence, a group of outcasts (the BDSM community) I feel that I am an outcast there too. How do I go about fitting in?
Cindy from New Mexico – Whenever I attend events, it always seems like I can never find people to play with. Everyone seems to be already paired off and ready to play. How do I approach people for play or possibly a relationship?
xMartinx from Discord – In a recent episode, rope squirrel spoke about his introduction to the community. However, I wanted to ask some followup questions
* When did you get involved?
* What was your first experience like and how did that go?
* You said you regretted your first scene, why? What happened?

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