This week, we interview Bueller who is making a heist movie with BDSM elements

Bueller is a member of the Utah kink community and the Utah indie film industry. He’s made over 50 short films (several of which have won awards) and is currently making his first feature film. In his spare time, he likes to read comic books.

Viewer Questions

  • Melissa from Colorado

    I’ve heard the term “aftercare” being mentioned in discussions about BDSM. Could you explain what aftercare entails and why it’s considered an important aspect of the BDSM community?

  • Emily from New York

    I’ve always been curious about the psychological aspect of BDSM. Can you shed some light on the role of dominance and submission in BDSM dynamics, and how it can enhance intimacy and connection between partners?

  • Rachel from Texas

    As someone who identifies as a switch, I’m curious about the unique dynamics that emerge when two switches engage in BDSM activities. What are some common experiences, challenges, or negotiation strategies that switches encounter in order to navigate their shared power dynamics effectively?