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Interview With Andrew, Nicole, and Cacia from short film and series Thanatos

Andrew (Aaron) – Actor and Director and Writer Andrew grew up on the gulf coast of Texas. He studied Philosophy in college, and he has spent most of his adult years trying to figure out how to tell a good story through moving pictures and sound. You can find Thanatos and other work at Cacia – Actor Right after Cacia popped out of her mom’s womb, she was dancing! She always knew she wanted to be a performer and artist. She visited New York when she turned 16 and took an acting class throughout the summer. After that summer her life was never the same. She went back to Taiwan and came back to New York the first chance she got. Her creativity is versatile and spread through many different mediums. Whether she’s in front of the camera or behind it, with herself or collaborating with others, she has an immense passion for performance and art. If she’s not moving or creating, she’s on her way to. Nicole – Line Producer Made things happen. Coordinating everything.   Questions for the cast/crew:

What experience do you all have in the BDSM or Kink Communities?

I love the way you all demonstrate BDSM in this film. It is so genuine and, dare I say, amateur or rather non-professional which makes it more real. 

What were the most challenging parts of filming the short film and the series?

How much research did you all have to do to get ready for these roles?

Are the dominance and submission acting or does it come from real-life experience?

What is the message you are trying to convey with this series? What do you want users to walk away with after seeing this series?

Is the series more about the positive portrayal of kink or more about the relationship between Aaron and Jess (and about the falling out of Jess and Trey(?))? Or is it both?

Check out the short film here:

Viewer Questions

  • Ken from Connecticut



    While I have a large group of people to play with, I keep debating trying out a pro domme. For some reason, I get uncomfortable about it. Like it makes me less of a kinkster because I want to pay for it. Having never done it, I guess, I am mostly just curious about what it is like.

  • Kelly from California



    I have gone to therapy for it, but whenever I get restrained, I get terrified. It might be something from childhood where my father used to hold me down and shout at me. It’s just a guess but probably the reason for my fear. However, in my efforts to get into the BDSM world, I have a panic attack whenever I get restrained. Do you have any tips to get over this fear?

  • Jay from Alberta, Canada


    As with dating, the kink and BDSM world is hard to find people. Not just play partners but with long-term relationships as well. I am lucky to have found someone and we are very happy in a monogamous relationship. We play and generally spend our lives together. As part of the relationship, we are both allowed to play with others. Some of those partners seem to want a lot more even though they know they can’t have it. They talk to me in ways that my partner might not approve of. I will never act on it, and I am sorry for rambling, but I guess my questions are these?


    1. Where were these people when I was looking for a relationship?

    2. Should I mention inappropriate messages sent to me by them to my partner?

    3. Should I cut off communication with people who are pushing my relationship?