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‘I accidentally found out my dad is into swinging and BDSM – I wish I never saw’

Viewer Questions

  • Michelle from Georgia

    I have a service dog. I’ve had her for quite some time. I am just getting into BDSM in general and wanted to know how a service dog would be received at my local dungeon or munch. Is there anything I should do to prepare the dog? Anything I should do to prepare the venue? How do you navigate having a service dog and being into kink?

  • Josh from Texa

    So I’ve been seeing people posting memes of modded sex and kink toys on the internet. A Hitachi covered in thumb tacks for example. Are these kinds of toys real, or is it just for the meme/laugh?

  • Kendra from Oregon

    My partner has been trying to expand his skills when it comes to kink. To that end, he has been watching tutorial videos on both YouTube and TikTok. However, when he goes to do the action, it’s not quite right. I want to correct him in the moment, but I feel it would ruin the mood. Is it ok to correct him during scenes (ie: topping from the bottom) or should I wait until after we do aftercare, or even later?