Episode 53

News Article: BDSM Culture Can Make Women More Assertive In Work, Relationships
Link: https://theswaddle.com/bdsm-women-positive-effects-confidence/
Janice from Iowa – Where I live, the scene isn’t very large. As a result, we are a tight-knit community. As a result, relationships form. I met someone. He was into kink as was I obviously. We had good chemistry and had some common kinks. However, as things sometimes happen, we broke up. Nothing serious, just some incompatibilities. Since the scene is small, however, we both see each other frequently. It is uncomfortable to see him and I often cannot play with him around. On the rare occasions that he misses a party, I have a blast, but if he shows up I usually have to leave. How can I get over him? I wish I could go to another event, but we are lucky to have one as it is.
Josh from Nevada – I’ve been an introvert and shy all my life. It has been really hard for me to form relationships. Something that I know though is that I love kink. My issue has always been approaching people for play. It’s utterly nerve-wracking. I want to talk to people but then I tense up and usually go home. How can I get through this and start to enjoy myself at events?
Sarah from Washington – I’ve been in a relationship for a while now. She and I are very much in love and I see this lasting a long time. However, she has a few kinks that I don’t have any interest in sharing. It seems only fair that I let her go indulge those with others. However, when she does this, I get incredibly jealous. I shouldn’t be because I’m not losing anything from her except her time. But there I am, jealous as heck. How do I get over this?

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Editor’s note: I am sorry about the echo in Rope Squirrel’s audio this week. We didn’t have the mic set right. This will be rectified in future shows. It was in a new place we hadn’t tried recording before.

Episode 52

Female Gamer
News Article: Blizzard replaces Hearthstone card art with less violent and sexualized alternatives
Link: https://www.pcgamesn.com/hearthstone/censorship
Jeff from Louisiana – Rope. It’s my bane. I hate it with a passion. To me, the rope isn’t the scene but it’s the start of the scene. I look on with awe when I see people who spend hours doing intricate rope work and then just take it all down. I guess I’m just missing that part of me. However, then when I am at a party, I feel self-conscious if my rope isn’t perfect. I honestly don’t have any desire to learn either because then I would be forcing myself to do something I don’t enjoy. Any advice for me?
Jessie from Arkansas – I am sure my problem isn’t unique, but sometimes it feels that way. I am in a poly relationship. We’ve structured it in such a way that I have my partners and some of those partners have their own partners. I am completely fine with this. However, one partner, whom I am not affiliated with but my partner is, is being, in my opinion, an ass. Let’s call her Sally. Whenever I leave the partner that she and I share with bruises, the next time I see Sally, she berates me about how abusive I am, and about how I am hurting her experience because my partner can’t do as much with Sally when she is injured. It is starting to get on my nerves because what my partner and I do is consensual. I am under no obligation to Sally to return my partner in any kind of working condition if that is what my partner wants. I just don’t know how to broach the topic with my partner. Any ideas?
Jullian from Georgia – I love my partner. However, he tends to go out of town a lot. The issue here is that when he does, he gets due to a thought he has in his head about me cheating on him and having orgies when he is gone. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Honestly, I usually just come home and relax and go to bed. On occasion, I do throw small get-togethers, but nothing sexual. True some of these people I’ve played with, that’s as far as it goes. However, whenever we speak, it’s a constant stream of mistrust, even though I’ve given him no reason to think this. How can I be a good partner and alleviate his fears?

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Episode 51

News Article: How to talk about kink with a new partner, because it doesn’t have to be awkward
Link: https://www.mic.com/p/how-to-talk-about-kink-with-a-new-partner-because-it-doesnt-have-to-be-awkward-18159768
Betty from Florida – First, I wanted to say thanks for what you all do. While I can’t credit Kink in the Chain with sparking my interest in kink and BDSM, it certainly was fuel for the fire. Needless to say though, I’m lit now and ready to get started. I haven’t yet decided what type of play I should experience first. Do you have any suggestions?
Tim from Nevada – I am very happy to be a kinkster. This is a wonderful new world that I get to experience (where has it been all my life?) but now, I want to go a shout from the rooftops that I’m kinky. I know some people who are out publically and proud of that fact. However, I’m apprehensive that it may affect my job or my family. I guess what I am asking is how out should I be?
Letisha from New York – I think I may have a problem. A good problem, but a problem nonetheless. I think I might be into too many things. I really do enjoy pretty much the entire gambit of play with very few exceptions. However, this comes at a price. I need a wide variety in a scene to enjoy myself. If one type of play keeps up for too long, I start to get bored. I don’t want my tops to be switching every few seconds but that seems to be what I need. How can find enjoyment in my play with this issue? Is there such a thing as enjoying too many kinks?

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