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Viewer Questions

  • Ken from Rhode Island


    I joined the community in the last two years. Thanks to COVID I feel that (or at least it is my perception that) all the veterans retired early. Some retreated to their own home dungeons (either old or newly constructed). When I first started those were the people that I went to if I wanted to vet someone. Now that they are gone, how do I go about making sure someone is safe to play with?

  • Jessie from Nebraska


    Having attended a public dungeon in the past, I have been taught about safewords. And I understand them. However, I have this fear of using them for fear of embarrassing my top. I know that they are necessary but I worry that I won’t be able to use them when the time comes. Any advice?

  • Korey from Washington


    While we are all trying to be as safe as we can, I still attend munches and there are still venues for play. Meeting people I can do at munches, but how can I be safe if I want to do pick-up play?