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“The TSA Agent Opened My Bag And Went Absolutely Beet Red”: People Are Sharing The Wildest Encounters They’ve Had With TSA Agents, And They Range From Hilarious To Infuriating


Interview With A Midnight Angel

A Midnight Angel (she/her) is a spicy Latin switch and is the Alpha Submissive for the House of Sinergy. She has been in the community for over 25 years and enjoys educating on many topics in the BDSM Poly lifestyle. A Midnight Angel has had the privilege of being Ms. Florida Leather and Fetish Pride 2017 and is pinned as Mama’s Midnight Angel as part of Mama Sandy Reinhardt’s Family. Currently, she serves as the Contest Director for Florida Power Exchange.

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Viewer Questions

  • Todd from Wisconsin


    I met someone at a munch recently. I am a top and she is a bottom. We have great scenes and a great time together. My only issue is that she is slightly stronger than I am. Sometimes she gets in a brat mood and I just can’t control her. Usually when she “wins” I have to give up and just stop the scene. This leaves us both feeling very upset. Any advice to avoid this?

  • Betty from Texas


    I am relatively new to kink in general but I keep seeing people with patches on their back denoting some title. A few weeks ago, I finally stopped and asked one of them about it. It was very informative. However my question is: are titles still something that people should run for? Are they respected? Is it something I should consider?


  • Kyle from Georgia


    I recently moved here and am trying to find my place in the community. Where I came from (Texas) I was comfortable in the community. People knew who I was and what I could do. Now I come here and no one trusts me because they don’t know me. I didn’t expect my credibility to transfer like a college credit but any advice for transplants trying to establish a name for themselves?