These are our older shows before we stopped doing seasons and before the reboot.

Season 1

Episode 1
This was our first episode, and the only episode where we had two hosts. Due to scheduling conflicts we never did this again. However, we are working to bring back this format.
I apologize in advance. It was very rough and good for a first attempt. We actually did something interesting where we both recorded our audio and then I combined the two files as we weren’t in the same city at the time.

Season 2

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
One of our first interviews. This time with Chauntelle Tibbals about her book Exposure: A Sociologist Explores Sex, Society, and Adult Entertainment

Viewer Questions:

1. My girlfriend and I don’t always see eye to eye in regards to BDSM. She wants me to be exclusive to her, and I am. Emotionally and sexually, I care for only her. However, when it comes to play, I want the ability to play with other people. There are simply some kinks that she doesn’t share. However, whenever I try and play with anyone else, I am accused of cheating and a fight ensues. However, when we go to the club she often spontaneously plays with others. The key difference here is planning. I talk with potential partners to make sure we spell everything out ahead of time (you know, a negotiation). Hers just happen. To me sex and play are two very different things and I don’t feel anything for the people that I play with. How can I resolve this issue? Is this relationship doomed? – ILoveBDSM in Michigan

2. Music is always an issue for me. Be that in the bedroom or at the club, it is tough for me to find the right kind of music. Sometimes the local club plays something that I enjoy to play to, other times, it’s just awful. I bring my own music sometimes, but I’d like to not drown out the world simply to enjoy myself. Should I talk to the club about it? Where can I find good universally accepted dungeon music? –Castrado in Florida

3. How do I plan a play scene? My Girlfriend always wants all kinds of theatrics when we play. Role playing and such. However, I’m not very good at it. I ruin the scenes consistently and it drags us both out of it? How can I become more confident in role playing? Are there any kind of role playing in the bedroom classes I can take? – BadActor in California
Episode 8
Interview with Paul Rulof
Episode 9
Viewer Questions:

1. I just got involved with a new partner, but he isn’t into kink. I’ve been doing kink forever and would like to share in my experiences with him, if not have him embrace them. How do I broach this topic and let him know my desires.

2. I’ve never played before I’m about to do so for the first time, what should my first type of play be?

3. Sex really doesn’t appeal to me. I’ve just never enjoyed it. BDSM though I do enjoy. That is what really excites me. My current partner wants to have sex while we play. I am not really into that idea though. How do I tell her I am, not interested.
Episode 10

Viewer Questions:

1. I’m about to play for the first time ever. I know enough that I should have a long negotiation with the person I am about to play with. Do you have any pointers as to what I
should or shouldn’t discuss?

2. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I have some unusual fetishes. While none of them are illegal or anything like that, I’m embarrassed to tell people about them. How should I
tell people or should I even tell them at all?

3. My dominant seems to be pushing for me to wear a collar for him. I love him to death, but I’m not sure that we’ve been together long enough to warrant one. I don’t want
the community to think we are rushing things or that I am not serious. However, how long is the appropriate amount of time before taking a collar.
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 14
Viewer Questions:

1. I’m brand new to the community and the lifestyle. What are some things that I can do so that people take me seriously? What are some pitfalls I should avoid?

2. I am traveling to another place far away from my normal scene. How can I get involved withe local community and not feel like an outsider? Should I even bother?

3. Where is a good place to get toys?
Episode 15
Episode 16
The episode that never was. This episode was never released as it wasn’t finished. It’s missing bumpers for example

Season 3

Episode 1
Viewer Questions:

1) I’d really like to get into presenting. I feel that I have a lot to offer the BDSM community. How can I get into this field? SillySub – Maine

2) I go to parties all the time but never end up playing. I just can’t seem to find anyone to play with. How to do it? Lost – Washington

3) How do I know someone is safe / how do I find safe people to play with / how do I be safe?
Episode 2
Interview with Lee Harrington
Episode 3
Viewer Questions:

1. How do I get over a BDSM relationship in which we continue to see each other at various venues?

2. How do I establish credibility in the scene?

3. How do I mitigate top drop?
Episode 4
Interview with
Master Jon – LifeLessOrdinary
Slave amendah – lava_cat

Viewer Questions:
1) Kelly in Montana – My partner lately has lost all desire for kink. When I first met him, he seemed full of life and energy. We went to the parties and generally had a good time. I’m debating taking over one of the parties and with it comes the drama of being a community leader. While I am not handling it perfectly, I am handling it. However, he isn’t handling it at all despite the fact that he isn’t directly involved. In fact, he doesn’t want to go out to kink events anymore because of it. Should I stop pursuing leading the community to make things easier on him or should I find someone else? I want to be active in the community even if it is a member.

2) Joanne in Florida – My sir just collared me and we signed a slave contract. Don’t get me wrong, I am very excited about being a collared slave and I want to serve him in any way possible. In our slave contract however, there is a clause that I though sounded good at the time: “I must answer the phone when he calls”. Makes sense. However, when I am not his slave, I work in a call center where they prohibit personal calls. Once or twice he’s called during work and I have to hide phone and sneak off to a break room. I’m worried I’m going to get caught. How do I approach Master with this problem? I don’t want to break our contract so soon.

3) Ben in Texas – My Wife/Slave spent all of our savings! We were saving for a house together and she went to a casino with her friends. I have no problem with gambling whatsoever. This was a girls night out and I wasn’t supposed to attend. I did set a limit for her of $500 which she had saved so everything was fine. However, she had a few drinks and withdrew a significant portion of the savings we were saving to purchase a home. My issue isn’t the fact that she went over the limit. Behavior I can correct, and I know I can’t get the money back, but what do I do? I don’t want to send the message that I don’t trust her by taking away her debit card. It was a stupid drunken mistake. But I have two issues. How to prevent this from happening in the future and how to express my disappointment and get over it. It set us back significantly as far as owning a home. It feels like a betrayal.
Episode 5
Interview with Lee Harrington about book Traversing Gender: Understanding Transgender Realities

Viewer Questions:

1) Tony in Colorado. Recently, at my office, a co-worker came out as transgender. Being active in the kink community, I couldn’t be more supportive. The thing is, my support comes from my kink community. I know that being a transgender person doesn’t equate with being kinky but alternative lifestyles and transgender individuals are both somewhat disenfranchised. Should I come out to her and be supportive?

2) Alicia in Vermont. I am a transgender individual. Before I came out, I was terrified to go to any BDSM events in general. Now I am even more afraid. What can I expect when I attend a BDSM event? Will I be welcomed? Is there anything I should do to prepare beforehand?

3) Ben in Connecticut. I am recently out of a long term relationship. Single and ready for action. My question is, I have been being approached by people who are quite a bit younger than me. I am 40, they are 24. I have no problems interacting with people who are younger, but I worry about the stigma in the vanilla world of dating someone much younger. I usually try and stay above my age or below my age by only 5 years. I do enjoy playing with her, but am I going to be in trouble later?

Season 4

Episode 2 (We forgot Episode 1)
Warm Interview

Viewer Questions:

1: Kelly in Florida – I’m really kind of new to BDSM in general and I totally want to try all the things! However, I’m torn. There are some things I want to try (violet wand for example) that cost a lot and I have no idea if I will like them at all. Should I purchase a top of the line model first or should I buy cheap, knowing it may break, just in case I don’t like it?

2: Rose in Texas – Over the past few months, the scenes with my master have become almost routine. He does know what I like and does a very good job of providing it, however even blindfolded, I know what the next thing will be usually. How can I bring back the spontaneity? I mean, I do know that I don’t like much else outside of what he does (or at least I don’t think so), and I guess I shouldn’t mess with something that isn’t broken, but I’d like to be surprised.

3: Doug in Massachusetts – My partner and I are both switches. We don’t only play with one another, but we also play with other people. I don’t honestly mind
Episode 3
BehindBarz Interview
Episode 4
Interview with ???
Episode 5

Season 5

Episode 1
Viewer Questions:

1) Scenes with my Top GF have become routine. Honestly, it’s like I can see into the future. As soon as the blindfold goes on, I know what is coming next. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy what we do, but the predictability is starting to get to me. We added the blindfold actually to keep guessing, but it doesn’t really help….. What can I do? Todd in Maine

2) I need help! I know I am service oriented and a submissive in general. Naturally, I gravitate toward the submissive role whenever I scene. However, because I want to please everyone, I sometimes feel like I get walked all over. I don’t always get what I am looking for. How can I assert myself? Cynthia in Arizona

3) Whenever I attend events and I enter the play space, I am immediately confronted with scenes featuring types of play that I dislike or am scared of. I know I have no right to ask those people to stop playing but I cannot play in those spaces either. The energy is off and it ruins the night for me. Help! Stacy in Tennessee
Episode 2