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He Cheated On Me. That’s When I Realised I Was Polyamorous

Interview with Céline Remy and Kevin Anthony

Céline Remy and Kevin Anthony, are an international husband and wife team who decided to join forces to create a worldwide movement of true sexual empowerment.


Kevin, “The Truth Warrior,” is a Men’s Coach & Tantra Counselor.


Céline, “The Intimacy Angel,” is a Holistic Sexologist, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Relationship, and Intimacy Coach for men, women, and couples.


Together, they are truly the ‘Power Couple.’ They host ‘The Love Lab Podcast,’ and are co-creators of ‘Sexual Power and Mastery,’ an online educational training system that teaches the exact process to any man who desires to bring his ‘A’ game consistently to the bedroom.


They guide couples and men on how to go from ‘good’ to ‘AMAZING’ in the bedroom and beyond.

Viewer Questions

  • Remmy in New Jersey

    My partner isn’t interested in BDSM or kink at all. She has told me that I can “go get your kink on, come home and be normal”. I appreciate her being open about it and willing to let me explore. The problem is, whenever I do, I feel incredibly guilty. Like I’m cheating on her or something. How can I overcome these feelings?

  • Rachel in New York

    Right now, we are all hurting. COVID picked a great time to rear its ugly head. I just found out that I’m kinky but no events are happening and it is REALLY hard to meet people right now. I’m really trying but do you have any advice for kink dating in COVID times?

  • Sam in New Mexico

    I’m having an issue with my creativity. I love doing scenes and I love the play I do, but, like an old comedian, I am running out of material. The scenes are the same with only slight variation. I’ve tried bringing in other toys, but they are no fun whatsoever. I like my usual. I’m just worried that my slave is getting tired of the same thing every time and I am scared to ask her if it is as I don’t want to appear less than dominant.


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