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Interview with Remi Jaxx

Remi Jaxx is a Podcast host and streamer on twitch. She is a self-proclaimed Sexpert, Gamer, music lover, and a weeb. She covers a variety of topics including Sex, Drugs, Politics, LGBTQI+, social issues, and other popular topics. On Twitch she streams manly WoW but, she has been known to Branch out occasionally. She is also a sex worker and former teacher.


Editor note:
(weeb is a derisive term for a non-Japanese person who is so obsessed with Japanese culture that they wish they were actually Japanese)


Viewer Questions

  • Jessica from California

    As of late, as you can probably imagine, COVID has made meeting people in person very difficult since everyone thinks everyone else could have the plague. Do you have any advice for a lonely soul seeking another during these turbulent times?


  • Toby from Maine

    I’m just getting into this whole kinky thing. What kinks should I pursue first? Are there any I should avoid like (pardon the pun) the plague?


  • Sheryl from Oregon

    How do I keep my toys clean enough for this age of COVID? I am really worried that people will be concerned about catching something. Any tips?