Interview with Nicole and Sarah of The Homance Chronicles

The Homance Chronicles is a storyteller podcast hosted by Nicole Bonneville and Sarah Andonian. They have a ‘homance,’ the female equivalent of a bromance. They’ve been friends for a decade and have gone through some crazy times. They share their unbelievably entertaining and slightly embarrassing, yet relatable stories about dating disasters, poor choices, sex stuff, and other homance adventures.

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Viewer Questions

  • Casey from Arkansas

    I’ve been with my partner for years now. However, I have a secret. I’m really into age play. ABDL or adult baby diaper lover. However, I have never shared this with my partner because I’m embarrassed by it. Should I come clean to my partner?

  • Jennifer from Georgia

    Someone I was going to play with is asking me to do blood play. This is something that I am not comfortable with doing. I really like this person, but I don’t think I could do blood play. Should I stop playing with that person if it is something that they require?

  • Tom from Florida

    With things starting to open back up again, life is seeming to get back to normal. I’ll admit that it’s hard not to see people as potential vectors for getting COVID. I am vaccinated and I only will engage with others that are. However, I know how easily that the cards can be forged and so in the back of my mind with new play partners I keep thinking: “what if they are lying to me?”. I want to trust people, but how do I get over these feelings?