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Polyamorous all-girl country band stand by their BDSM slavemaster

Interview with Jewels, author of The Making of a Woman

Jewels is an author, speaker, and professional bodybuilder. After enduring an abusive childhood, Jewels decided to use her earlier trauma to enter recovery, sexually liberate herself, and enter the competitive world of professional bodybuilding. Jewels hopes to inspire others to push forward no matter the challenges and will even compete in nationals this year in the NPC figure division at age 49

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Check out Jewel’s book, The Making of a Woman.

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Viewer Questions

  • Megan in Maine

    I recently got out of a long marriage and decided to explore my sexual side. I found some local events and I’m excited to attend. This may sound like a stupid question, but what should I wear to an event?

  • Aliya from Massachusetts

    I am just starting to come out of my shell. I am fairly certain that I am kinky. However, through lots of trial and error, I have determined that my partner is not. He is willing to humor me but his heart isn’t in it. As a result, he gave me permission to play with others. I am ecstatic. Now, how do I keep from messing up my primary relationship with this newfound freedom?

  • Letisha from Alabama

    I was recently released from my master. While the decision was mutual between us both, I still feel sad about it. It feels almost like a vanilla breakup. Do you have any advice for getting over a D/s dynamic that ended suddenly?