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This Is the Kinkiest State in America

Interview with Shawn aka Shawnygirl

Shawnygirl graduated in May 2020 from Syracuse University with a degree in TV, Radio, Film. Unfortunately, with COVID-19, she was unable to get a job, so she started a passion project, which is her podcast called Tough Titties. Tough Titties is an entertaining and comedic podcast that is also helpful when it comes to all things sex, dating, relationships, friendships, mental health, and all the good shit in between! Her goal is to break the negative stigma around talking about sex and other topics seen as taboo. As a 23-year-old, she is hoping to explore her sexuality through conversations such as this one!

Viewer Questions

  • Karin from Vermont

    I just turned 19 and have gotten out from under my parent’s thumb. I’m ready to get into the BDSM lifestyle like… today. How should I proceed to do this rationally and safely?

  • Greg in Kentucky


    Having had many failed BDSM relationships in the past, has caused me to constantly ask “is it me?” or “am I just unlucky?”. I’d like to ask the former partners, but they won’t speak to me, so I may have to turn to my friends to ask for a rationale behind why. How can/should I approach this?

  • Jareth in Florida


    I’ve been told over and over again that I need to have a good profile to attract people. I completely understand the logic of this. Do you have any tips for me, a submissive male, to attract a female dominant?