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Interview with Sir Ezra

Ezra is an Intimacy Coach at House Of Algos Inc. He is the founder and Headmaster of the Leather/BDSM household, The House Of Algos. He co-founded the Triskelion Scholarship for BDSM education and is the Director of Education at Sanctuary LAX Studios. Ezra also authored Mindfucking Mindfully, which was published in May of 2021. ​When asked “Why Intimacy Coaching?”, Ezra responded with “This is the fulfillment of my destiny as best I can understand it.” He went on to talk about how from an early age he was drawn to teaching and helping others directly. Through his own journey of discovery in the BDSM community and through personal development it became clear what he was meant to do.

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Viewer Questions

  • Ben from Ontario Canada

    I know what we do is called scening and therefore, we are all actors in the scene. However, I suck at acting. Being a top I am sometimes asked to “play a part”. Every time the scene ends, I tend to feel that I didn’t give the greatest performance. Any tips to help me excel in my scenes? Show notes as it were.


  • Kyle from Massachusetts


    Everyone tells me I should watch out for red flags. However, I am VERY new to this lifestyle. What are some common red flags in the BDSM community I should be watching out for?


  • Kendra from Colorado


    I recently joined this whole BDSM community as a submissive. I’ve got a few scenes under my belt and would love to experience even more. I’m debating trying out topping as well, but the thought makes me so nervous. I vaguely recall that Ritzy and Rope Squirrel said they were switches. Do you have any tips on how to migrate from being solely a bottom to being a top and perhaps even the aforementioned switch?