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Interview with Jim Kniest of Courageous Games

Unleash your inner succubus (or angel) with Halos and Sins. Unleash your passions and spice up your love life! Will you play naughty or nice? From massages and kisses to so much more, you’ll try things you’ve never dared to do before! There’s no shortage of hot suggestions to keep couples going all night long, and the more you play, the more rewards and punishments you unlock.

Create your own Adult cards game to add custom challenges and fall back in love with bedtime as you explore hundreds of naughty new activities. Take control of your passions as the game lets you choose which way you want to play.


So throw away the novelty adult dice game or card game, because Halos and Sins is designed to spice up your sex life. We wanted to give couples a game that would take away the taboo’s of Sex. This app caters to everyone, from Couples or Swingers, to Fetish oriented partners.

Viewer Questions

  • Todd from South Carolina

    Long distance relationships are hard. My partner is currently living in Florida and so getting down to see her can be challenging. We try to do D/s throughout the week when we aren’t together, but of course it isn’t the same. Any advice for a long-distance D/s relationship?


  • Kelly from Oregon


    As of late, BDSM play has gotten stale and dull. I feel like we are doing the same things over and over again. We want to play and we don’t regret scenes, but it’s just not as exciting anymore. Anything you all can recommend to break up the monotony?

  • Lex from Massachusetts


    The area that we live in doesn’t have many kink events whether that be munches or parties (or at least if there are, I am not aware of them and they aren’t on FetLife). My partner and I were thinking about starting some play events. What are some things we need to consider before starting an event?