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Season 2 Episode 9

*Due to a cyber attack the details of this episode were lost. We will update this over the next coming weeks.*

  1. How to introduce a partner to kink

I just got involved with a new partner, but he isn’t into kink. I’ve been doing kink forever and would like to share in my experiences with him, if not have him embrace them. How do I broach this topic and let him know my desires,.

  1. what should be my first type of play
    1. I’ve never played before I’m about to do so for the first time, what should my first type of play be

Sex really doesn’t appeal to me. I’ve just never enjoyed it. BDSM though I do enjoy. That is what really excites me. My current partner wants to have sex while we play. I am not really into that idea though. How do I tell her I am, not interested.

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