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Season 2 Episode 6

*Due to a cyber attack the details of this episode were lost. We will update this over the next coming weeks.*


News topic:

Start with Gay marriage

Draw a line in the sand



Q1: How do I know if someone is safe to play with?

I know all kinds of people and lots of people have asked to play with me. I’m hesitant because I don’t know if they are safe or not. How do I find out?

Q2: How do I ask someone to play with me?

I’m intrigued by one person who seems to play with just about everyone. But I’m nervous to walk up to him to ask to play with him. What should I do to get over this?

Q3: How do I get into educating?

I think I’ve learned a lot over the past few years. I’d love to share some of what I’ve learned. How do I become a BDSM presenter?



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